Mercury Disposal ServiceDo you have old mercury sphygmomanometers or thermometers hidden away in cupboards that you don't know what to do with?

Do you have faulty or damaged equipment containing mercury at your surgery?

As a Controlled Waste Carrier Licence holder, Williams Medical Supplies can dispose of any equipment which contains mercury.
We can help!

Although it's still currently acceptable for practices to make use of older equipment that contains mercury, its presence at any location can cause a potential hazard for employees and visitors.

Mercury is highly toxic, and even short-term exposure due to a spillage or cracked thermometer can lead to harmful effects.

How our disposal service works

Our medical services team will arrange a collection from your premises:

  • The mercury is transported in a secure container
  • We leave a certificate to confirm that the mercury has been disposed of correctly
  • We transport the mercury to our disposal facility
  • We dispose of the mercury in an environmentally responsible manner

To arrange a disposal, or to find out more, call us on 01685 845555 or use our enquiry form.

We are registered with the Environment Agency as a Carrier Dealer (CD) with registration number CB/LE5706GM

Our registered address is:

Craiglas House, Maerdy Industrial Estate, Rhymney NP22 5PY