Legionella Risk AssessmentUnder the Health and Safety at Work Act and COSHH regulations, legionnaires disease is an identifiable risk and it's a legal requirement to undertake a suitable and specific legionella risk assessment.

The aim of our Legionella Risk Assessment is to review the water system at your premises with regards to the risks associated with the potential growth of the legionella bacteria to staff and visitors at a surgery following the Department of Health guidelines HTM0401 and HSE L8.
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The legionella risk assessment completed by Williams Medical Supplies covers the following:

  • Discuss medical aspects with regard to CQC (HTM04) and HSE compliances, as set out in the statutory guidance and additional management structure required (e.g. Duty Holder, Responsible Person and Deputies)
  • Identify areas of concern relating to the building water system such as hot and cold systems, tanks, clarifiers and associated systems including correct operation of thermostatic valves and scald risks
  • Describe system modification which may be made to resolve areas of concern
  • Photographs and a schematic diagram of the building water system
  • Highlight control measures and highlight any remedial actions and disinfection requirements
  • Explain the risk assessment, review required logbook entries required compliant with legal requirements

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