Spirometers, Nebulisers and Respiratory Approximately 1 in 5 people in the UK has ever developed asthma, COPD or another long-term respiratory illness. Half of them are currently on treatment for lung disease.

It is important to carry out accurate and efficient testing to ensure patients are diagnosed early and provided with the best treatment possible. Here you'll find everything you need to carry out your respiratory tests effectively.

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Desk Spirometers
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Featuring a range of Spirometers suitable for any professional requiring accurate results.
Handheld Spirometers
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A range of lightweight, portable Spirometers for measuring FEV1, Relaxed VC, FVC, FEV1%, PEF and more.
PC Based
and Software
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A range of spirometers with software that easily connects to your PC.
Peak Flow Meters
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Peak Flow Meters and Peak Flow Mouth Pieces for the measurement of lung capacity and strength.
Smoking Cessation
and COPD
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A range of small, lightweight CO monitors for the screening and monitoring of Carbon Monoxide.
Spirometer Accessories
and Consumables
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A range of accessories and disposable items for spirometers from Micro Medical (CareFusion) and more.
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Portable and lightweight Nebulisers including the MegaNeb Plus, Arianne Power Nebuliser, Medix MicroNeb and more.
Nebuliser and Respiratory Accessories
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Nebuliser Masks, Mouthpieces, and other Respiratory Accessories.
Inhaler Trainers
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A range of products designed to train patients in the correct use of inhalers.
Walk Tests
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VyntusWALK is an integrated six-minute walk test solution that suits the requirements of today’s mobile healthcare environment.