The Weigh StationTogether, weight and height are key indicators of a patient's overall health. From monitoring baby and child development to ensuring a healthy weight is maintained, quality measuring equipment is essential.

At Williams, our aim is to provide the best quality weighing scales, height measures and other and measuring devices at the best possible prices, ensuring your equipment meets the requirements of the Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (NAWI) EU directive.
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Floor Scales
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Medically approved Class III floor scales from seca. Our range includes a wide selection of models in a variety of capacities, dimensions and graduations.
Baby and Toddler Scales
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Lightweight baby and toddler digital weighing scales from seca. Shell-shaped for optimal safety whilst weighing. Our range includes both Class III and Class IIII units.
Height Measures
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A selection of portable and wall mounted height measures from seca, Sunflower and Doherty suitable for use in primary and secondary care.
Column Scales
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A range of Class III column scales from the leading brand seca. The range includes digital, dial, mechanical scales along with combined height and weight systems.
Wireless Scales
and Height
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seca's 360° wireless products transmit measurements directly from your scales and height measures and into your EMR system without programming!
seca Accessories
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Accessories and spare parts for our range of seca scales and height measures, including carry cases and wireless printers.
Platform, Chair
and Wheelchair
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A selection of speciality scales from the weighing specialists seca. The range includes platform scales, chair scales and a wheelchair weigher.
Baby Measuring Mats
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Monitor baby and toddler growth easily, safely and accurately with our range of Measuring Mats from world leaders seca.
Measuring Tapes
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A selection of measuring tapes from seca and KaWe. The range includes hand-held and wall-mounted measures, simple tape measures and disposable tape measures.
BMI Monitors and Calculators
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A selection of products for the accurate measurement and calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI). Suppliers include seca, Omron and Bodystat.
Body Composition
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A range of professional body composition systems for measuring weight, water, fat and mass.
Patient Self-Testing
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Patient self-testing presents an opportunity for practices and pharmacies to save physician time by allowing patients to measure their height and weight in one easy step.