Family PlanningWith more than thirty years' experience of supplying UK General Practice, our range of family planning products is one of the widest in the market.

Our selection includes pregnancy tests, IUDs, injectable and oral contraceptives and lubricants from leading brands including Comfi and Pasante.
Some items in this section - including clinic packs of condoms and diaphragms - are available only to approved medical professionals.

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Pregnancy Tests
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Our range of professional pregnancy tests inclues highly accurate hCG tests with rapid, reliable results.
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Our extensive selection of clinic and bulk packs of condoms from brand leaders Pasante, Mates and EXS help promote safe sex for all.
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Commonly referred to as coils, IUCDs including Mirena and T-Safe are among the most effective and popular forms of reversible contraception.
Oral Contraceptives
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The pill remains one fo the most common forms of contraceptive and menstruation regulator. Our range includes Combined, Progestogen-only and emergency contraception.
Injections, Implants and Patches
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Including effective contraceptive inkections such as Depo-Provera and Nexplanon, our range also encompasses insertion and removal kits and the innovative Evra Patch.
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A range of contraceptive diaphragms in various sizes, including multi-size fitting packs. Diaphragms remain a popular choice of discreet contraception.
IUCD Accessories
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Featuring vaginal speculums, thread retrievers, lubricants, forceps and dilators along with everythinbg you need to perform IUCD fittings, changes and removals.
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Including instruments, packs and the Conmed Hyfrecator, our range of vasectomy items allows the simple procedure to be conducted safely in the primary care setting.
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Our large range of lubricants includes market leader KY Jelly, ComfiGel and Pasante products suitable for both gynaecological examinations and for intimate use.
Probe Covers and HRT
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Our range of ultrasound probe covers and PVC Pessaries.
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Gygel contraceptive jelly contains Nonoxynol-9, proven to be a highly effective and reliable spermicide for use with a diaphragm or FemCap.
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Available in both latex and non-latex formulations, our range of Dams can help protect against a range of sexually transmitted infections.