The Diagnostics LabA selection of diagnostic products including drug tests, pregnancy tests & Urinalysis Reagents for effective near patient testing. Our range includes leading products such as Valutest, Multistix, ComfiTest & more!

You'll also find a great range of Diagnosic Equipment, including the newest INR Testing Machine on the market, the Siemens Xprecia Stride
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Urinalysis Reagent
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A selection of Urinalysis Reagent Strips from leading brands including Combur, Siemens Multistix and Williams Valutest.
Pregnancy &
Fertility Testing
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A range of pregnancy and fertility tests suitable for use within primary care and domestic settings, from leading brands including Pasante and ComfiTest.
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A range of Lancet Devices for the safe and convenient sampling of capillary blood by medical professionals.
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High quality tourniquets are an essential addition to any emergency grab bag and are also useful to have on hand in a GP Surgery.
Urine Collection
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Products designed for the safe and hygienic collection of urine; including the Peezy, Urine Collection Bags and Urine Bottles.
Testing Strips
& Consumables
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Testing strips and consumables for use with INR, Glucose, Cholesterol, Cardiac Testing, Diabetes Monitoring, HbA1c and other Diagnostic monitors
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Diabetes Monitoring
and Screening
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Quality devices and consumables that facilitate the management of diabetes; from monitors that can be used at home to analysers for use in primary care.
Diabetic Neuropathy
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Devices designed to accurately assess and determine sensitivity thresholds at selected sites of a diabetic patients body.
INR Testing
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A range of INR Testing equipment including the Xprecia Stride from Siemens, a product that is exclusive to Williams.
Blood & Urine
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A range of Blood and Urinalysis Analysers that are designed to give quick, accurate and reliable results.
ABI Testing
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A selection of devices that measure Ankle Brachial Index in minutes, including the market-leading Huntleigh Dopplex ABIlity.
Cardiac Testing
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Using the innovative Roche Cobas H232 Kit, 'on the spot' decisions can be made for DVT, heart failure and myocardial infarction.
CTS Analysers
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The Mediracer NCS System is a fast, reliable and cost-effective diagnostic method for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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